Paint and People

Hello, everyone!

I am almost half way through my course!? It’s about time that I share something with you!

Bare with me, it’s been a rollercoaster. So far I have transitioned away from my Lee Abbey and into the incredible fascinating world of All Nations Christian College. I have been relaying the foundations of my identity in Christ and studying history, reality and The Bible with Messianic Jewish eyes. My parents visited, I exhibited at the Easneye 150TH celebration and shared my testimony. This week our En Route class visited Hindu, Sikh and Muslim communities in South Hall and yesterday I was part of the BA extended arts project review. The creativity and vision here is astounding and many of the people I have met have jobs and calls I didn’t even know could exist!

I want to share with you a little from my heart journey.

On the first day of the first week we were given a challenge; to pick up the first object that came to mind and use it to describe ourselves to the rest of the class. I immediately thought of my paint pallet and in the hasty uncomfortable heat of all eyes on me, I surprised myself with my own voice. In that moment of self realisation I discovered that I was exhausted and close to burn out. All the parts of my life seemed inconsolably disconnected. I felt stuck in a numb state and on autopilot, charging around like a headless chicken with its bottom on fire, disconnected. Have you been there?

Paint pallets don’t make sense, they are so mixed up and messy. We might spend hours and hours examining blobs and puddles but a paint pallet wont make any sense until you see the painting. Only then might one begin to comprehend the complexity, beauty, purpose and precision of each colour. Continue reading “Paint and People”